My question is very simple, but interesting. I am interested in the lifetime of files on various media. Recently, I could not read my old DVD-R, so .

You can create a table with an exemplary content.
Example: DVD-R: the storage of data files. CD-RW: storage time. HDD: Storage time. Floppy: storage time. Etc. This information can be very useful for all users. Yes, we know about cloud services. But cloud services have started to work not so long ago.

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In fact, there is no surprise, and it happens to optical disks. The disc can not be read for several reasons: 1. The disc may be scratched and it is already damaged tracks and an optical drive simply can not read it. 2. Did the drive itself is not very good, may be on a different drive, this will be read easily, it should be checked. 3. Alternatively, the disc itself was initially not very high quality.

Answered on January 28, 2017.
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