I need in recovery lost photos on my old mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy GT -N5100)…The pictures are out of memory card. I think the problem is in the internal memory of the phone.

Tell me optimal solution to the problem.I’m sure the problem is inside the phone. What can you advise? Software, remote access? I need help, I don’t know what my most rational way.I need help, I don’t know what my most rational way. I know I can try to find special software for phones. But I don’t see it on the Internet.

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I do not quite understand the question, but I think you need to restore lost information. If so, it all depends on the flash drive, in which everything is stored. The main thing that it was working, and she had no memory of damaged areas. If it’s all there, with the help of special programs, can all be done easily, here, for example, program data recovery Recuva. In general, now we need to store information in the cloud.

Answered on February 1, 2017.
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