I lost all my data and Windows 10 (Ubuntu)!

Well, my story is short, a few days ago I installed Ubuntu on my XPS 13 (with Windows), but it suddenly crashed and I lost some workfiles and Windows 10. I already reinstated Windows, but also I want to recover all my lost data and workfiles. I know where the files are. What are the chances to recover them?

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Already I answered to one dude, and I will right now answer you. Although it is not clear what happened to your data? The virus, or physical damage to the disk? If torturing a blue screen, and you have a disc is divided into two sectors (for sys files and games, media files and etc.), you can simply reinstall your system, all data and files will saved anyway. If the case is more severe, make bootable USB flash drive, put on her utility r studio (u can easy google it for more info) and start the recovery process, should help with u problem. I was in such a situation, and they saved my files, and hope to help you

Answered on January 25, 2017.
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