How to fix vinchester and to restore data? Probably, it was damaged by virus

Several days ago I started noticing some problems while using my vinchester (Sony PSZ-HB1T 1TB). It is quite new (about seven month) and its memory is only one third used, but when I turn it on it starts making some strange noise. It takes a lot of time to open even small files, to open folders and so on. Some files were damaged and some of them even disappeared! I do not know what is the reason of this stuff. It did not fall or something, it is quite new and not cheap, the memory is not fully used, so I suppose it is virus. How can I repair it and is it possible restore the data?

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This can be done, if not all of disk sectors is gamaged (probably so, to completely destroy the disc should be strongly trying). I recommend to use the utility R Studio, It has the most complete support for file systems (NTFS, FAT, Ext2FS, HFS / HFS +, UFS and etc.) and has simple and strong functional. It scans your system for broken sector, allowing them to recover, and if this is not possible, then just under the BIOS boot from and restore the files you need. Especially nothing complicated, it makes no sense to paint every detail, functionality is very simple, understand even a schoolboy. good luck.

Answered on January 25, 2017.
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Here it is necessary to consider the wider issue. If the data is actually jammed due to the virus and the virus did not do a complete disk format, the data can be recovered using this program Unstoppable Copier. But if disc is damaged not only by the virus and he taps, everything is much more complicated, because the head is corrupted. So try this program or to carry in a special center.

Answered on January 28, 2017.
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