1993. I recorded the data on the 5-inch disks (floppy). Little remark: floppies 10 pieces. All files are merged into the archive.This is done to uniformly distributing data. I have old equipment to read the data, but I do not have the old operating system.

May I ask you a question? What price for restoring data? Absolutely, i will pay for this job. Do you can make it remotely? I think there ARJ archive. Uniform cutting. Floppies: 360К, 720К и 1200K ))))))) Сan you help me? I need in data recovery  really. My old comp: Intel Pentium II 233 MHZ, 66 MHZ /1x 64 Mb SDRAM PC-66/motherboard Abit AB-BX6, Intel 440BX

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