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How to prepare data for recovery (1)

How to prepare data for recovery

After you contact our online commity, user and experts will tell you what is required in each case. Preparing for recovery may take some time, but will fasten recovery process.

Shut down the operating system and turn off the computer

In order that the situation won’t become worse, and the restore process won’t become more difficult, it is important to prevent the recording on the damaged storage media. Therefore it is necessary to shut down the operating system, turn off the computer and wait for instructions from our experts. It is impossible to turn off the computer without completing the operating system, as it may cause damage to logical structures of the file system.

If the computer hangs during initialization of BIOS and the operating system does not boot, just unplug it from the power supply.

Make a list of files and directories to restore

The recovery process can be quite lengthy, especially if the capacity of the source media data is significant, and it contains tens or hundreds thousands of files. If you need not all files, that part of recovery procedure can be speeded up.

Remove the data carrier and the controller from the computer

If the results of preliminary conversation with a specialist it turned out that the data recovery must be conducted in a laboratory environment, You will need to bring to us either a system unit or a data carrier.

When it comes to RAID array data recovery, it is preferable to bring the system unit entirely. If for some reason this is impossible, you will need to bring the disk controller, disks, and cables. In any case, before the trip find out from our experts what you need to take with you.

When removing the drive and controller follow the rules of electrical safety. In particular, unplug the power cord from the system unit and monitor. Also beware of electronic circuits damage from static electricity. It is best to use a special grounded wrist strap, but in a pinch before removing the disk, tap for a short time to the computer case (the computer should be disconnected from the power extraction of the cable plug power supply).

During transportation of the disk and controller be aware from possible damage. Store drives in the factory packaging or box of a suitable size with foam. If you need to transport the controller or memory card, they should be wrapped in foil or put in a conductive bag to avoid damage from static electricity.

The system unit of a computer and disks can be sent by mail, however, the probability of damage due to careless transportation.

Prepare the disk for storing the recovered data

The original disk we usually return in the original condition, although at Your request it can be formatted or disposed. Recovered data can be saved on Your provided disk, DVD-R, flash drive or external USB drive.

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