RE: Samsung Galaxy SII Tab: which application should i use to recover my data.

Hello guys. I hope i can find some help here…
The story is not new. When my android crashed i lost all my photos that were too dear to me. Shame on me but i wasn`t clever enough to back them up. And i don`t know what to do now. Honestly, i`m afraid to install the unknown software as it may cause even more problems…
I would really appreciate it if you told me which application to use in this case. I mean i need something trustworthy and reliable, without those bugs, you know…
My device is quite old and maybe not every app is gonna be compatible with it… Or am i wrong?
Looking forward to your reply. Cheers.

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4 Answers

Hey. I had the same problem. my Galaxy Tab 3 fell into the pool, and no longer included. There were valuable pictures of my newborn son. So I decided to restore them through a robust program Tenorshare Data Recovery. I advised her friend who works as a system administrator in a large holding. It needs only a computer and USB-cable. This program is free. Tenorshare Data Recovery is very reliable, I recommend.

Answered on January 28, 2017.
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