RE: I need in recovery files (photos, documents Micrisoft Office, database) after formatting HDD. Very hard problem…i think (…Full Collapse of HDD (( …I lost all data after being hit by a virus in the system

I formatted the drive part. After formatting, I do not see the necessary files (I suspect there are documents on the hard drive) I think all photos and documents received new names, or change the extension of these files. Happy new year. I want to see files after recovery. Send me your price. i am ready for payment.

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The situation for me is not clear at all because without any reason the entire hard drive itself is empty. I read that you can restore files, but how – I don’t know. Don’t want to carry a service center and pay money for it. Tell me, with this program I can vostanovitj and how difficult this procedure is? I have similar problems not yet encountered. Want to know the Board.

Answered on December 27, 2016.
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