RE: Hello and Help!!! Big problem! Need in restore data on old usb flash. I bought this f*****ng usb flash 5 years ago in the Chinese online shop. I recorded impotant info, but i cannot read it…

I have an old USB drive (flash). I don’t know what size the usb flash. I bought this 5 years ago in the Chinese online store. Product detail: 32 GB. Paradoxically, this media had a price of $ 5 in 2010. I recorded the data, about 5GB, but I can’t read the data…I can see the file names, but the operating system determines the usb flash capacity as 1GB.

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Yes, an interesting situation. Of course not always so simple to do everything, it seems. You’ve got to look at all the flash drive and work and is not damaged in its own memory. Just when the cells are damaged, then restore all of the information can not be, but at least you can try. For such purposes, try to use the R-studio program. It scans your memory well and gets corrupted files to restore. Again, there is no guarantee that all the information will be restored.

Answered on February 1, 2017.
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