RE: Data recovery after not safely ejecting USB.

My USB drive was in port, and yesterday I was copying data to HDD, but I couldn’t wait it for a long time and I canceled it. Immediately after that I removed USB from the port, but I forgot to eject it safely. Today I had more time and I tried to plug in my USB to HDD, and I realized that a part of the data are gone!
I checked in Gparted and I saw that my USB still have this files. I used CTRL+H, but it was no result. I tried Gparted data recovering, but nothing happened. Guys, can I restored my files?

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It all depends on how long you have used before this memory stick and you did not have problems before. Perhaps, after the failure of taking out the stick, you hurt your memory stick or it is already itself is out of order. And now is not read. It happens. If it does not have broken cells, the information can be recovered. And if you already have a broken cell no. But still worth a try.

Answered on February 1, 2017.
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