RE: Could a kitten break my computer? How can I repair it myself?

I have a brand new ASUS R209HA with Windows 8. Several days ago I took a small cute kitten and I left him alone at my flat with a computer turned on. As usual, when I came back home and tried to continue my work I saw a blue screen with something wierd written on it. I am not keen on the computers so I just turned it off and then on again (lol). After that all the data from my computer disappeared and it became so slow… I want to repair it myself but I do not know how. Please, help! And one more question – could a kitten break it? Is it possible? Or is it a virus? Or what?..

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Wow, pretty interesting and very unusual case, not every day is like a little kitten spoils technique. I think the reason is not your kitten, such as standing next to objects, for example, he could shed any kind of liquid on the keyboard, as if in a short time, the computer does not include the repair, it may be seriously affected as in your case. It is better not to engage in independent action, and quickly run to the service, good luck.

Answered on January 28, 2017.
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